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NaiLac Dual LED Lamp 36W

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NaiLac Dual LED Lamp 36W

Do you want to ensure effective and safe nail curing? Opt for a technologically advanced device like the NaiLac nail lamp.

This professional lamp for hybrids, gels, and acryl-o-gels features two SOFT options that start curing at a low temperature, which then gradually increases. This approach minimizes the sudden heat spike, so the uncomfortable burning sensation during nail curing is almost completely reduced.

High-quality fluorescent lamps emitting a uniform wavelength of light and the appropriate placement of diodes without a dead zone ensure that the nail lamp provides accurate, proper, and comprehensive curing of the gel and other light-curable masses.

Mixed bulbs in the NaiLac nail station lamp feature two light wavelengths. 365 mm is perfect for curing classic gels. The 400 mm length allows for safe and effective curing of LED products.

Crystalline bulbs are another advantage of the NaiLac nail lamp. They ensure that all highly pigmented hybrid polishes, cover gels, and white, and gloss gels are properly illuminated. The result? With such cured products, nail styling will look perfect for many weeks.

The NaiLac lamp is also a device designed with our eyes in mind – the LED light does not cause them pain.

The nail lamp also stands out for its ergonomics and ease of use. A motion sensor means the device automatically turns on when a hand is inserted into the lamp. A clear panel, which counts down the curing time, allows for even more efficient work.

The compact size of the lamp means it doesn’t take up much space on the desk, and its designer look will become an additional decoration of any modern nail-styling salon. In addition, the device is made of high-quality material is resistant to discolouration and is easy to clean – it’s the best choice if we want to reach for a professional nail lamp that will serve us for years.

The Anti-acetone coating makes the device very easy to clean and resistant to dirt and discolouration – it’s the best choice if we want to reach for a professional nail lamp that will serve us for years.


The NaiLac nail lamp:

– Minimizes burning in the lamp

– Ensures accurate curing of hybrid, gel, and acrylogel masses

– Perfectly illuminates even very highly pigmented colours

– Is intuitive and comfortable to use for clients

– Has a detachable bottom – ideal for pedicures

– Has an ergonomic, designer shape

– Features built-in durable diodes, which guarantee not only perfect curing but also a long lifespan

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