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SheMax Filter Style XS

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SheMax Filter Style XS

Product description:

Did you know that acrylic dust settles on surfaces within 1 hour, while gel dust can stay in the air for more than 4 hours?

In other words, even if the manicurist works in a protective mask, he gets 56% of nail dust and sawdust into his lungs every day, and the remaining 44% “gets” during a break from the deposited acrylic in his cup of coffee.

SheMax was the first to produce dust collectors with a horizontal filter, replacing the classic plastic “houses” with bags.

This gave significant advantages in the efficiency of air purification even from the smallest and most invisible particles:

So, in the “Style PRO SheMax” professional manicure hood is:

The filter above the motor. SheMax has developed a unique technology – instead of the traditional dust bag, it uses closed compartments that are installed above the engine. Thus, nail dust is immediately filtered at the entrance to the dust collector and doesn’t enter the chamber with the motor, increasing its service life.

Capture zone. The horizontal arrangement of the filter has increased the capture area – 24 cm (instead of the traditional 13 cm). Under the powerful pressure of the two centrifugal motors in the “Style PRO”, the dust does not rise into the air but settles in the ribbed compartments of the filter in the form of compressed granules.

Dust fixation. The microfiber structure of the heap filter almost 100% cleans the air from the smallest particles of nail dust and toxic fumes. The ribbed shape of dense material keeps dust in the compartments.

Ease of cleaning. Removing dust from the filter takes place in a few simple steps. It is enough to remove the magnetic mesh, pull out the filter, cover it with a napkin, turn it over and make a few pops on the back of the filter.

Disposal safety. Removing dust is completely harmless to your lungs. When cleaning or replacing the filter, you do not breathe in the dust as it turns into compressed dust grains.

The main advantage of the filter in the professional built-in vacuum cleaner for manicure Smart V-PRO SheMax is its location at the tabletop level.

This makes cleaning as easy as possible. There is no need to “dive” under the table every time and take uncomfortable positions. The entire process of cleaning or replacing the filter takes up to 10 minutes.

The filter is held in place by a metal grill that can be easily removed.

Replacing the filter is recommended every 2 months.

How to care for the extractor filter for manicure and pedicure SheMax?

  • Do not wash the filter (only dry care)
  • Shake the filter after each client
  • Fine particles clogged in fibers, preferably cleaned with any narrow brush
  • We recommend changing the filter every two months (at the rate of 6 customers per day)
  • There is no difference between a nero filter and a carbon filter.
  • Carbon filter is much more expensive. The effect of quality is the same.

Pros Nero filter:

  • Dust settles into the depth of the ribbed surface of the filter.
  • Under great pressure, the settled dust is reduced and takes the form of a filter, forming some lumps.
  • Pulling the filter from the SheMax hood, the dust does not rise up, as it is pressed and is located at the depth of the finned filter.
  • Shaking out the filter, you do not breathe dust, as it is pressed.


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