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Slowianka Gel Polish Dark Blue – 457 8g

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Slowianka Gel Polish Dark Blue  – 457 8g 

How to describe the depth of the dark sea abyss? It is best reflected in Dark Blue by Slowianka Nail Trends , a derivative of the iconic Pantone indigo color . Sea blue with the addition of divine turquoise. Its pigmentation and intensity are astonishing and stunning. Green blue on the nails makes the styling unique and unique, especially when surrounded by brown and orange. What more could you want? 

Product Properties:

  • close to thinner than thick, creamy consistency enabling easy and pleasant work, 
  • low viscosity, and therefore easy to remove the brush from the product, ensuring smooth operation, especially when working with cuticles, 
  • high pigment saturation, guaranteeing beautiful coverage with one layer of the product, 
  • some colors from the Feel the Blues collection from Slowianka Nail Trends use a very intense, dark blue dye, which has a hint of transparency, but this does not mean that the color is transparent, it just needs two layers to perfectly cover the nails, 
  • medium inhibition allows the application of the hybrid top right after the hybrid has hardened, 
  • two layers of the product guarantee high color intensity, although the first one also provides strong coverage. 

How to use:

  • we apply color on previously built and matt artificial nails or on the inhibited base, 
  • due to strong pigmentation, we do not create a too thick layer, 
  • we focus on delicate work, we do not scratch with a brush, thanks to which we will obtain a uniform and smooth surface, 
  • using a thin Magic Brush 7 from Slowianka Nail Trends, we apply the color under the cuticles (the product does not cover the cuticles), being careful not to touch them, as the pigment causes strong discoloration, 
  • cure the first layer in the lamp for 30 seconds, 
  • apply the second layer and cure in the same way for 30 seconds, 
  • We finish the styling with the selected top coat and cure it according to its instructions. 


Technical card:


Product description:

Courage, vitality and self-confidence are the first things that come to mind when we look at the colors from the Feel the Blues collection by Slowianka Nail Trends . Beautiful shades of Pantone indigo , an eclectic and modern color that delights and intrigues at the same time. Navy blue and cobalt in dark and light versions, with a hint of ink and an element of turquoise, oceanic depth are the colors that were missing in our offer. Extremely intense and highly pigmented, they will charm every lover of blue tones. Although it may seem that they are close to black, daylight or artificial light shows their true face, bringing out the depth of the living pigment, which is a unique phenomenon. The colors successfully implement this year’s trends and are an undeniable hit of autumn 2023, along with the equally popular brown. The contrasting combination of navy blue with red, orange or pumpkin is an eccentric mix of colors that creates an amazing wow effect. 

How about a dark one, very close to black and a typical sea color? This is what Dark Blue from Slowianka Nail Trends is – sea blue with a turquoise glow. Its shade can be compared to green-blue. The color is very intense, very pigmented and very deep. Immerse yourself in this impenetrable sea depth. 

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