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Slowianka Baby Boomer Cover Construction Gel – Ideal Thixotropic 15g

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Slowianka Construction Baby Boomer Cover Gel – Ideal Thixotropic 15g

A product that will change the work in your salon forever – Baby Boomer cover gel from Slowianka Nail Trends . It is a gel with perfect thixotropy, which is perfect for the no-sawing system and significantly accelerates the pace of work. A wonderful, cool shade of pastel pink is perfect for uniform extension of nails in the natural look trend, Baby boomer and French styling , as well as for strengthening natural nails. You won’t exchange it for any other!   

Product Properties:

  • creamy consistency, 
  • low viscosity ensuring easy work, the brush does not open and the product does not contain air, which significantly speeds up the stylist’s work, 
  • excellent thixotropy, the product has high surface tension, levels very slowly, so it does not flood the cuticles and gives time to build all the nails, 
  • the surface is perfectly smoothed, there is no need for additional filing, 
  • slight inhibition requires wiping after hardening, 
  • reduced burning when curing in the lamp; in the case of problematic bearings, we recommend reducing the lamp power, 
  • hard product, holds the tunnel perfectly, does not expand even in the thinnest layer, 
  • thanks to the added rubber bonds, it is ideal for strengthening and stiffening natural nails,  
  • very good adhesion to natural nails requires an additional base for better cohesion with the plate, 
  • the minimum thickness to harden is 0.5 millimeters per layer, the maximum is 1.5 mm, 
  • time to clamp between 20 and 40 seconds depending on the thickness we create on the nail, 
  • curing in an LED lamp for 3 minutes, in a UV lamp for 4 minutes. 


How to use:

  • prepare the natural nail, matt it with Polisher 240/240, 
  • degrease the nails with a cleaner, apply Ultra Bond from Slowianka Nail Trends and wait until it dries, 
  • rub Base Gel from Slowianka Nail Trends into your nails and harden, 
  • we set up a template and build a skeleton, harden it, 
  • remove the form, apply a slip layer of gel and then immediately apply a larger amount of the product wet, creating the proper nail structure, 
  • if we want to clamp the tunnel, the hardening time for the clamp is between 20 and 40 seconds, depending on the thickness we create on the nail, 
  • cure until fully hardened for 3 minutes in an LED lamp, in a UV lamp for 4 minutes, 
  • Wipe off the inhibition created during hardening with a cotton swab soaked in cleaner. 


Product description:

Discover new generation gels with a completely new formula! The collection of building gels with perfect thixotropy from Slowianka Nail Trends will surprise you with the ease of work and a significant acceleration of its pace in the salon. The products are perfect not only for building artificial nails of any length and various shapes, but also perfect for strengthening natural nails. Revolutionary 2-in-1 gels are a must-have in your salon and you will love them from the first use.  

They come in shades loved by stylists, which fit the natural look trend. The analysis of sales bestsellers among building products led to the creation of beautiful, milky shades of pink and light and dark beiges that blend beautifully with every skin tone. 

The thixotropy of the gels is extremely precisely selected according to the stylist, they smooth out beautifully on their surface, but slowly, so they do not flood the cuticles. Working with them is similar to working with jelly gels and allows you to build several nails at once. Quite high surface tension makes them smooth beautifully and you can easily work with them without sawing.  

Finally, it is an ideal product for beginners because it does not require additional training, training or experience in working with a given product.  

Baby Boomer from Slowianka Nail Trends is a cover gel with a coverage level between 70 and 80%, which beautifully camouflages the nail bed, and is therefore suitable for both uniform nail extensions towards a natural look and for Baby boomer or French styling. And all thanks to a beautiful, delicate shade of pastel pink in a cool tone.   


Technical Card:


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