Slowianka Natural Pink Cover Construction Gel – Ideal Tixotropic 50g

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Slowianka Natural Pink Cover Construction Gel – Ideal Thixotropic 50g

A new generation gel with perfect thixotropy, guaranteeing faster work pace and suitable for the system without extensions – Natural Pink from Slowianka Nail Trends. A unique 2-in-1 product that will make working in the salon easy and pleasant, and the service of extending nails or strengthening the natural nail plate will be quicker than ever before. The wonderful color in a shade between beige and pink is irreplaceable in natural look, as well as French and Baby boomer styles.


Product Properties:

  • pleasant, creamy consistency,
  • low viscosity ensuring easy work, the product detaches from the brush, which prevents air pockets and speeds up work in the salon,
  • excellent thixotropy towards the stylist, due to high surface tension and slow leveling of the product without flooding the cuticles,
  • perfect product for the system without sawing – the surface smoothes beautifully,
  • small inhibition should be wiped before matting or filing,
  • burning in the lamp is reduced and hardly noticeable, however, for the sake of customer comfort, in the case of sawn bearings, we recommend lowering the lamp power,
  • hard, stable product, maintains the tunnel beautifully, does not expand,
  • rubber bonds added to the product allow for excellent strengthening and stiffening of natural nails,
  • excellent adhesion of the product to natural nails, even greater thanks to the use of an appropriate base,
  • the minimum thickness for hardening is 0.5 millimeters per layer, the maximum – 1.5 mm,
  • time to clamp between 20 and 40 seconds,
  • curing in an LED lamp for 3 minutes, in a UV lamp for 4 minutes.

How to use:

  • we prepare natural nails and matt them before applying the gel,
  • wipe the nail plate with a cleaner and then apply a base that increases the adhesion Ultra Bond from Slowianka Nail Trends,
  • we rub the base Base Gel from Slowianka Nail Trends and then cure it,
  • after placing the paper form, we build the nail skeleton and cure it in the lamp,
  • after removing the template, we create a thin slip layer of gel, and then apply a larger amount of it wet and spread it, building the appropriate shape of the nail,
  • if we want to clamp the tunnel, the hardening time for the clamp is between 20 and 40 seconds, depending on the thickness we create on the nail,
  • cure until fully hardened for 3 minutes in an LED lamp, in a UV lamp for 4 minutes,
  • wipe the inhibition with a cotton swab soaked in cleaner.


Product description:

Innovation on the market of nail styling products – a collection of building gels with perfect thixotropy from Slowianka Nail Trends. Perfect products that meet the requirements of every stylist and ensure quick and comfortable work in the salon. They are perfect not only for building artificial nails of various shapes and lengths, but also for strengthening natural nails. 2in1 gels that will revolutionize your work and change the way you look at nail extensions.

Created in beautiful, milky shades of pink and light and dark beiges, they adapt to all skin tones. At the same time, an analysis of sales bestsellers among construction products showed that these are the colors you love with all your heart.

Perfect thixotropy is expressed in the slow leveling of the product without spilling to the sides, thus there is no risk of flooding the cuticles. At work, they behave like “jelly” gels, which allows you to build several nails at the same time. High surface tension guarantees perfect smoothing – gels are a perfect product for the no-filing system.

A nail tunnel shaped on a form or crimped with a crimper is maintained beautifully thanks to the high hardness of the gel. During hardening, the gel does not expand, and thanks to the added rubber bonds, it absorbs very well with the natural nail.

Gels with perfect thixotropy will work well for beginner stylists, because working with them is very easy and does not require prior training or exercises.

Natural Pink from Slowianka Nail Trends is a beautiful, bright color suspended between beige and pink. It blends beautifully with the natural nail, especially in the cuticle zone. Coverage of 70 – 80% ensures beautiful camouflage of the bed and the transition between the bed and the free edge. Irreplaceable for styling in the natural look trend, as well as for Baby Boomer and French.


Technical Card:

Slowianka UK - Ideal Tixotropy Builder Gel Cover technical 1 1


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