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IQ Nails – Package 2- Home Spa 3 Gold Drill Bits

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IQ Nails – Package 2- Home Spa 3 Gold Drill Bits

Package of 3 Basic Home Spa Gold Drill Bits is a set of cutters with a special ZRN coating.

1) A sintered carbide drill bit (ZRN-147XUF HP.060) with a rounded, non-working top guarantees safe work around the nail folds. The shape – a cylinder and special cross-cuts make it ideal for developing hybrids and gels on a natural nail plate.

2) A diamond cuticle drill in the shape of a rounded cone will safely and gently remove cuticles and built-up epithelium.

3) Ball-shaped diamond cuticle drill will quickly and effectively remove and lift cuticles.


Package 2- Home Spa 3 Gold Drill Bits is used for

  • Preparation of hybrid and gel on a natural nail plate
  • Pushing back and removing cuticles
  • Removing built-up epithelia
  • Removing the old styling
  • Work around the nail folds

It is very important not to touch the surface of the nail plate while working with the ball, as this will create unwanted depressions, grooves and hollows.

The ZRN gold coating extends the life of the cutter, reduces the effect of overheating during operation and ensures resistance to sterilization preparations. In addition, the coating gives the cutter better biocompatibility, which makes it ideal for the preparation of skin and nails.

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