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IQ Nails – Package 6 – Delicate Ball Diamond Drill Bits 5pcs

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IQ Nails – Package 6 – Delicate Ball Diamond Drill Bits 5pcs

Package of 5 identical diamond drills in size 025 with a red stripe.

The diamond cutter (V104.001.514.025) allows for incredible control of operations thanks to its delicacy. The ball shape and red stripe make it ideal for gently removing dead skin, deposits and cuticles from the lateral nail fold and nail labrum. It can be used both for dry operation and for water cooling.

Can be sterilized in an autoclave.

Diamond Drill Bit – Standard Ball is use for:

  • Sanding natural tile
  • Smoothing the edges of the nail
  • Cleaning the free part of the nail plate from underneath
  • Removing lifted fragments of gel and acrylic
  • Smoothing and removing calluses on the nail folds
  • Removal of corns, calluses and corns
  • Shallowing crevices and cracks

Remember to make quick, but precise movements with appropriate hand support so as not to damage the client’s tissues. Each tool you use to perform a manicure must be properly cleaned and sterilized before the first and each subsequent use.

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