Pharm Foot FAQ

1. What product do you recommend to keep your feet smooth?  

First of all, we recommend regular visits to the beauty / podiatry clinic, where a qualified specialist will take care of your feet and select the appropriate home treatment. Creams marked H – HOME will be perfect for the home, such as: – PHARM FOOT NUTRI REGENERATOR – PHARM FOOT OZONE REBUILDER – PHARM FOOT SILVER RENOVATOR The cream is adjusted to the problem of the skin and the degree of callousness.

2. What cream is perfect for home care?  

We have created special creams dedicated to home care. We recommend creams in a smaller capacity of 75 ml with the H-HOME marking. Choose according to your needs: – PHARM FOOT NUTRI REGENERATOR – PHARM FOOT OZONE REBUILDER – PHARM FOOT SILVER RENOVATOR

3. What preparation should I use to disinfect the feet before the treatment?  

Perfect antiseptic – PHARM FOOT SEPTI STARTER. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties and refreshes the feet quickly. It has a fresh grapefruit scent. The alcohol content of 75% guarantees effective disinfection.

4. Is there a preparation that can be used preventively against the spread of bacteria after visiting the swimming pool, sauna or jacuzzi?  

We recommend PHARM FOOT OZON GUARD – a protective spray with an anti-microbial effect.

5. How can you soften the epidermis at an express pace without soaking and bathing?  

Our offer includes 4 preparations that we recommend to soften the epidermis and prepare it for its removal: – KERATOSIS EXTERMINATOR – a gel for softening stubborn calluses. – ANTI CALLUS MASTER – foam softening calluses with urea 30%. – LIQUID SCALPEL – a spray softening and removing dead epidermis with 25% urea, ideal for use with a scalpel and for the gradual softening of calluses. – POINT SOFTENER – point softening fluid.

6. How to remove hardened skin?  

For this purpose, it is best to go to a podiatrist specialist, a pedicurist. Using appropriate preparations and tools, he will safely perform a therapeutic, podiatry or cosmetic pedicure treatment, which will allow you to gently get rid of callous epidermis. A person educated in this field may also recommend home treatments to delay the formation of new calluses.

7. What are the factors that contribute to infection?  

First of all, poor hygiene, lowering the body’s immunity, lack of protection during visits to the pool, sauna, gym, bad footwear, socks, poorly selected foot care and internal changes, among others hormonal in the body.

8. Which preparation can I use for onycholysis?  

The PHARM FOOT ONYPLASMA preparation for colostrum onycholysis will be perfect for this. We use it by pressing a small amount under the nail plate at least 3 times a day after washing and disinfecting and drying the hands – around the nail with a dryer. Additionally, the PHARM FOOT COLAGEN POWER collagen serum can be rubbed into the nail matrix.

9. Can these preparations be used during pregnancy?  

There are no contraindications for the use of PHARM FOOT preparations during pregnancy.

10. Is the PHARM FOOT peeling safe, vegan and does it harm the environment?  

PHARM FOOT FOOT SCRAPER peeling has natural abrasive particles (salt, sugar, apricot kernels, almond kernels, nut shells) and a complex of oils. It is biodegradable and safe for the environment and the skin. It helps the feet, it does not harm the planet.

11. What cream is suitable for very dry feet?  

PHARM FOOT NUTRI REGENERATOR – cream with colostrum for the regeneration of very dry skin of the feet.

12. Which preparation will be perfect for working with a scalpel?  

We dedicate to this treatment a specially designed scalpel – PHARM FOOT LIQUID SCALPEL.

13. Where to start proper foot care?  

From a visit to a specialist who will make a diagnosis and write out a treatment and care plan for our feet.

14. What instrument is ideal for removing calluses?  

A milling machine, scalpel, grater, scraper will be perfect, provided that it is used by a qualified specialist.

15. Which product is recommended as an antiseptic and antifungal preparation?  

We offer 2 such preparations, first of all: – SEPTI STARTER – refreshing and disinfection – OZONE GUARD – antifungal protection.

16. Can PHARM FOOT treatments be performed on people who have psoriasis or atopic dermatitis?  

Yes, but you need to match the product to the problem, we especially recommend the colostrum line marked in blue, which is dedicated to the care of dry and sensitive skin. It accelerates the regeneration of irritated epidermis, has a soothing effect, protects the skin against environmental factors.

17. How long can you soak your feet in a salt solution with water?  

The time is adjusted to the treatment and the degree of callus in the feet. We recommend 3-5 minutes, but spa rooms can extend this time up to 8-10 minutes.

18. Which PHARM FOOT cream is highly moisturizing?  

The most greasy ointment is the ointment with ozone oil, which works primarily against skin cracking on the heels – PHARM FOOT CRACKED HEEL PROTECTOR.

19. Is it worth using a cream occlusion?  

It is definitely worth using the occlusion together with the cream, because thanks to the heat that is activated during the occlusion, the active ingredients of the cream can be better absorbed and absorbed. The use of the occlusive foil significantly accelerates the absorption of the cream into the skin and increases its effectiveness.

20. Which preparations can I use for feet hyperhidrosis?  

The mask with PHARM FOOT SILVER RENOVATOR microsilver and PHARM FOOT OZONE GUARD – protective spray with ozonated oil will be perfect for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

21. What to use to eliminate unpleasant foot odor?  

Of course, we recommend visiting a podiatrist who will check what is the cause of the unpleasant foot odor, recommend treatment and appropriate preparations. We can use, before putting on the socks PHARM FOOT OZONE GUARD – a protective spray.

22. Which PHARM FOOT cream is perfect for summer, light?  

The cream in the form of PHARM FOOT – FOOT MOUSSE foam will be perfect. It absorbs quickly, allows you to put on shoes after a few seconds. It is very compact, we can take it with us in a purse, it has a convenient application form and is extremely efficient. Perfect at the end of the treatment. The foot does not slip in the shoes.

23. How to recognize athlete’s foot?  

There are several characteristics that can be attributed to ringworm, such as foul smell, burning, discharge, red feet, peeling skin, lumps and vesicles, itching, sores on the feet, ulceration. However, it is best to diagnose athlete’s foot by a dermatologist based on a mycological examination. It consists in taking scrapings from the affected skin. There are several types of mycosis: interdigital, sweat, exfoliating and nail. Mycosis of the feet requires specialist treatment. See a doctor for diagnosis and treatment, an infection can persist for many years if left untreated. The most effective therapy consists in cleaning the affected area, using oral medications (usually antibiotics) and external treatment.

24. What preparations are dedicated to supporting the treatment of foot / nail fungus?  

We recommend PHARM FOOT SILVER BOOSTER – a tincture with microsilver with a strong nourishing, antibacterial and antifungal effect.

25. Which product will instantly refresh your feet?  

The spray product PHARM FOOT SEPTI STARTER will be perfect for quick refreshment of the feet.

26. How to quickly relax tired feet after a day?  

Quick relaxation and relief will be brought by a bath in a water solution with PHARM FOOT FRESH CRYSTALS salt or PHARM FOOT PURE PEARLS with urea. We also recommend a relaxing foot massage using the PHARM FOOT FOOT SCRAPER.

27. How to use ONYPLAZMA?  

The preparation should be applied to the affected areas, applied under the nails. Use 2-3 times a day after washing, disinfecting and drying your hands with a dryer. We recommend that you use it under the occlusion for the night once every 4-5 days.

28. Can a specialist pedicure be performed when the feet have fresh bubbles caused by rubbing by the shoes?  

We do not recommend. In such a situation, we recommend choosing the right cream, regenerating ointment to strengthen the skin’s lipid barrier as soon as possible. The following PHARM FOOT creams are perfect: – DERMO RESOFTNER – panthenol and allantoin content soothes irritations and accelerates epidermis regeneration. – OZONE REBUILDER – protective and rebuilding cream, ozonated olive oil regenerates, revitalizes and creates a protective film on the skin. – NUTRI REGENERATION – the perfect nourishing and regenerating cream for the care of sensitive skin, the main ingredient of which is colostrum. The product accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, has a soothing effect, and strongly moisturizes. – SILVER RENOVATOR – regenerating and soothing mask that soothes local irritation and redness.Micro-silver protects the skin against inflammation and microorganisms, and allantoin soothes irritations.

29. Which preparation is recommended for corns?  

PHARM FOOT POINT SOFTENER spot fluid for calluses and corns. Intensively softens calluses, composed of 30% urea, tea tree oil, clove, lavender and mint oil. Also perfect for ingrown nails.

30. Can I somehow prevent my feet from swelling?  

First of all, properly selected footwear and breathable socks. A balanced diet, limiting the consumption of salt and alcohol. Movement, ie a change in lifestyle – people who spend the day in a sitting position often complain of swelling of the legs. The cause of the legs and feet swelling may also be cardiovascular diseases. Swelling of the lower limbs may also indicate diseases of the urinary system. Therefore, in such a case, you should contact a doctor who will make a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate medications. Hot baths are inadvisable with swollen feet, because at high temperatures the veins widen and blood is stuck in them. But a relaxing massage that improves circulation using a nourishing cream, masks from the PHARM FOOT offer: DERMO REFFILER, OZONE REBUILDER, NUTRI REGENERATION, SILVER RENOVATOR,will be perfect for this, CRACKED HEEL PROTECTOR.

31. Which product has a relaxing effect?  

Products such as PHARM FOOT PURE PEARLS, FRESH CRYSTALS, FOOT SCRAPER and the SEPTI STARTER preparation are especially relaxing – which, thanks to its delicate, beautifully fragrant mist, brings us to a state of relaxation from the very beginning of the treatment. These products are especially recommended for SPA salons.

32. How can I prevent corns?  

You should moisturize the skin with appropriate creams (DERMO REFFILER, DERMO RESOFTENER, OZONE REBUILDER, NUTRI REGENERATION, SILVER RENOVATOR, CRACKED HEEL PROTECTOR) and regularly visit podiatrists and pedicurists who will take care of our feet. You have to remember about properly selected footwear. Alternatively, choose specialized insoles, ideally suited to our foot.

33. How to get rid of dry skin quickly?  

We suggest visiting a specialist and moisturizing with creams. We recommend DERMO REFFILER, OZONE REBUILDER, NUTRI REGENERATION, SILVER RENOVATOR, CRACKED HEEL PROTECTOR. All this will effectively help you get rid of the ailments associated with dry skin.

34. Which product is perfect for night foot care?  

Moisturizing creams: DERMO REFFILER, OZONE REBUILDER, NUTRI REGENERATION, SILVER RENOVATOR, CRACKED HEEL PROTECTOR. We also suggest using occlusion before going to bed for 15-20 minutes once a week in order to increase effectiveness.

35. What to use for ingrown toenails?  

The PHARM FOOT POINT SOFTENER preparation is ideal – this preparation softens the skin around the nail, has antiseptic and soothing properties.

36. Which preparation will nourish and regenerate the nail plate?  

SILVER BOOSTER – tincture with microsilver with nourishing, soothing, revitalizing, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It should be applied 2 times a day on the nail plate, massaging it into the matrix. The SILVER BOOSTER composition includes only beneficial oils such as: lavender, tea, clove and micro-silver. We recommend using it until you get satisfactory results.

37. Which cream will be perfect for foot massage?  

CRAKED HEEL PROTECTOR ointment is ideal – because it absorbs the slowest, it is highly lubricating. It contains shea butter, almond oil and lanolin, which spread beautifully during the massage. The following preparations will also work well: DERMO REFFILER, OZONE REBUILDER, NUTRI REGENERATION, SILVER RENOVATOR, CRACKED HEEL PROTECTOR.

38. Are the preparations dedicated to the diabetic foot?  

All preparations in our offer are dedicated to diabetics, except for those intended for foot baths (soaking feet is not recommended for diabetics).

39. Can PHARM FOOT products be used in a SPA – wellness center?  

Yes, of course, the entire offer has been prepared to meet the expectations of both podiatry and SPA salons.

FAQ – a guide to proper foot skin care from Pharm Foot

How to properly care for the skin of the feet?  During your daily care routine, don’t forget about your feet. The feet are exposed to minor injuries or drying out every day. How can you take care of your feet so that the skin of your feet is healthy and beautiful? Cracking heels, dead epidermis or dry, rough skin on the feet – all these problems that can be eliminated thanks to proper, daily care of the feet and nails. It is on our feet that the entire weight of our body rests, so it’s worth paying attention to them and taking care of your feet regularly.

How to take care of your feet?

Foot care is not an easy task, because the skin of the feet, rubbed and pressed with tight shoes, often becomes too dry and irritated. To have beautiful, healthy feet,  remember to regularly use foot skin care products and skincare routines . It is recommended to bathe in a cosmetic salt solution with the addition of water once a week. After bathing, remember to peel the skin of the feet, and it is best to use foot creams every day. Once the salt has dissolved the remains of keratinized skin, you can gently remove the dead skin with a mild pumice stone, grater, or Pharm Foot exfoliating products for home use, or visit a specialist.

Specialist foot care in the office and at home from Pharm Foot

In the case of treatments in beauty and podiatry offices, professional, specialized cosmetics for the skin of the feet and nails are used. Pharm Foot specialist foot care products  are professional preparations for various foot problems. They will help you take care of your feet and nails both in the beauty salon (SALON products for professional use) and at home (HOME products for home use). Do you want to use the effectiveness of professional cosmetics straight from the salon in the comfort of your own home? Check also our products marked with the SALON & HOME sign for professional and home use.

Ways of foot care – step by step

We divided the foot care with Pharm Foot into stages of treatments:  PREP, CARE and TREATMENT . The first stage is to prepare the skin on the feet and heels for the treatment. Disinfection, softening and refreshing are the base without which further care will not be as effective. Thorough disinfection, followed by a foot bath and softening the callous epidermis – this is where we always start our beauty treatments. The second stage, ie PREP – is the time to select preparations for skin problems. Moisturizing, softening, nutrition or antifungal therapy? The next stage is TREATMENT, ie the proper treatment.  Do you want to have healthy feet and smooth heels in summer and all year round? Take care of your feet every day – with Pharm Foot.


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